Wine training

The world is my oyster

Working in the world of wine in an increasingly international climate is a compelling opportunity especially if you have the tools to approach it; first and foremost of which is the language. Knowing your wine and not knowing how to communicate is a gap that should be filled if you want to deal with the different foreign markets.
Here is a course that teaches how to describe its product, the production techniques and some tips for how to serve it in English. In this course there are theoretical classes where the wine basics will be taught and practical lessons taught in English where participants will present the wines, in a lively and constructive dialogue among course participants.

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Dedicated to

Owners or employees of companies that want to improve their language skills to better communicate in English about their own wine.
To those who want to enter this sector and want to gain a basic understanding so as to work in this area. To those who work in a restaurant or hotel and want to know how to communicate with foreign clients.

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