The pleasure of wine

Colours, scents, flavours enclosed in a glass goblet on a continuous discovery and a genuine pleasure.

I have created this course for those wishing to get closer to the world of wine driven by simple curiosity or burning passion, devoting each encounter to a distinct type of wine.
We will start by talking about sparkling wines, understanding where the lively bubbles come from and what the methods of production are. Then we will move on to talk about white wines and their delicate scents, and then present the red wines explaining the processes of maturation, concluding with sweet wines and drying techniques.
This and much more awaits you along the first steps of the course “The pleasure of wine”.

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Dedicated to

Those who think that wine is a pleasure, a surprise, a memory. To those who want to learn to understand, starting from understanding how the colours change and how you manage to unravel the perfume, what happens in the mouth when the wine envelops our palate. We will not forget the importance of the serving temperature and a suitable glass to appreciate its harmony.

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