Wine Emotions

The charm of a journey through paths and trails of vines: the senses feed on emotions and sentiments to guide the way.

I devised this course for those wishing to embark on a journey through the wines of several Italian regions, discovering the numerous diversities and varieties of grapes.
We will start in the North contemplating two regions, their land, climate and the most representative wines coupled with local dishes, to then go south and find out how being close to the sea affects characterising scents and flavours of native vines and how much the richness of ingredients enriches culinary dishes . At the end of the meetings we will learn how to store a bottle and how to open it properly pouring the contents into the most suitable glass.
This and much more awaits you along the trails of the course Wine Emotions

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Those who already have a basic smattering on wine notions and want to deepen the themes and traditions of each region, to those wishing to engage in more in-depth sensory analysis, for those who want to appreciate the differences and nuances of wines from native vineyards on a journey of the senses to discover the soul.

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